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Hello, I'm Rodion, web developer.

Adobe ColdFusion, Lucee server, Java with Spring Boot / Spring MVC

...also some Kotlin and Python are in my to-do list

A long-time web developer in love with CFML language and Lucee engine.
Love to learn and teach, in spare time I create learning materials and videos on Youtube and Twitch.
I love sharing knowledge and I randomly write to my personal blog, and CFUG Ukraine.
You can reach me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Techology geek in general. Collecting vanilla stuff and cat videos.
Trying to be a good samaritan. I don't mind relocating to a galaxy far far way. Han shot first.


Working mostly with server-side technologies developing HTML/CSS/JS web applications, producing and consuming XML or JSON REST APIs, integrating with proprietary and open third-party services (Paypal, HERE etc) and cloud platforms (AWS, GAE, Jelastic, Snowflake). Have experience with front-end development using Angular, and mobile development using Cordova. Used to work remotely, worked many years as a freelance developer. In parallel with development usually busy as Agile project manager, business analyst, technical writer.

  • CFML/CFScript with Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee
  • MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Java/SpringMVC
  • Systems (Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services)
  • Agile project management
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript

In short...

  • I can produce a web site or web application, from inception to key-ready solution. Starting from an idea, work into project spefication, all through development, right to production and beyond - on any stage I know what to do.
  • I can code for web myself, have experience in coding, and where I'd need help - I know how to hire and work together with someone to do work for me.
  • I can take vague idea and shape it into formal project specification, JIRA tickets and user documentation. I know how to walk a team through the project in an Agile way. SCRUM meetings, estimating, planning, GANTT charts - you name it.
  • With a help of front-end developer I can develop a mobile app, however this is not my primary qualification.
  • Creating HTML/CSS template from scratch is not something I'm good at, but Bootstrap is the thing I can handle.

Work Experience

My experience is mostly related to business web applications, solutions for insurance and finances industries, e-commerce projects, project management tools, CRM and human resources management systems.

  • Webellian

    Senior Developer (2014 - 2020)

    Maintaining legacy business applications: bugfixes, updates, new functionality, migration. Implementing JSON and XML APIs for corporate back-ends. Developing microservices with Spring Boot. Integrating with AWS and Firebase.
  • Convert

    Agile Project Manager (2012 - 2014)

    Resourse planning with agile development team, requirements management, Scrum Mastering, communication and general project housekeeping.
  • INM AG

    Senior ColdFusion Developer (2011 - 2012)

    Developing websites based on proprietary G3 CMS. Developing modules for G3 CMS.


  • Sevastopol State Technical University, Ukraine

    Bachelor, Computer Sciences (1999 - 2003)

  • Sevastopol State Technical University, Ukraine

    Specialist, Electric Engineering (1995 - 2000)